Hey there, blogging world!

Hi there lovely people!

So here’s to our new blog The Cake Faces!

We’re two sisters that enjoy baking and beauty and wanted to share these two passions with the world as a diary of everything we’ve loved putting in and on our faces!

As a first post we’re going to keep this short and sweet –  just like a good pastry! We‘ve put together a few of our favourites from the last couple of months. So to kick this off..


I love trying new make-up and always appreciate a sample if it’s a slightly pricer item (who wants to spend money on something that doesn’t work?!)

My first favourite is No7 Beautifully Matte foundation. I tried this on a recommendation from a friend – after complementing them on how great their skin looked! I got a sample of the foundation after being colour matched, and after the first couple of uses really loved the foundation and bought a full size bottle. I’m so impressed how easily the product can be applied and how creamy and blendable it is. The finish isn’t completely matte and still gives a slightly dewy finish (I have combination skin so get dry skin on my cheeks and oily on my forehead and nose).

My second favourite is Essie Gel Setter topcoat. I absolutely love doing my nails and I am such a hoarder when it comes to nail polishes! I struggle to resist a new polish but hate it when they chip super easily!! I bought the Essie topcoat as I had seen some good reviews on it and loved it after the first use! Think super shiny glossy finish, dries quickly and keeps nails looking great for a week or more! I’ve used well over half my bottle now, because I paint my nails and my families so regularly! My only disappointment with the polish is that it has now started to go slightly thick and gloopy, which is so frustrating! It is quite an expensive polish, but Essie is renowned for great quality polishes, and is still cheaper than some of the other high quality brand polishes out there!

My final beauty favourite is Carmex Lip Balm. I hadn’t tried this until a few weeks ago and have always suffered from dry, cracked, chapped lips especially in winter, but generally all year round (gross I know!). It is a super affordable product, you only need the tiniest amount and the absolute best thing about it – it works amazingly! I have never had lips this soft and hydrated!! I apply every evening before I go to bed and in the morning before putting my face on and then as when I need it during the day. I love this product so much and can’t see how I’m going to run out anytime soon as you only need to use a tiny amount! The only thing I don’t love about this product is the smell –  I bought the original one and it smells nice to start with and then just a bit weird which I’m not so sure about! But it works and I do love that!!


My most recent baking adventure has been these swimming / beach themed cakes which I made for my boyfriend who is a swimming coach who loves holidays and the beach! The cakes are just good old vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream, which I kept half cream and dyed half blue but mixed so it was still marbled. I then used demera sugar for the sand, candy melts which I piped into palm trees (should have made these a bit thicker as several broke while trying to place onto cakes! But I made about 20 so it was all good!). I then formed little people with arms from some royal icing so that look like they’re swimming and placed on the cakes! I took huge inspiration from Pinterest for these!


I’m a scrimper when it comes to beauty with a few spurges here and there. I really want to get my monies worth and don’t see the point in spending lots on a product that doesn’t do what it promises or if i can get them same thing but for half the price. Who doesn’t love a good dupe! So I’ve picked a spurge, an affordable and a cheaper fave to keep it even!

My first favourite is going to have to be bareMinerals original mineral foundation, what can I say I adore this foundation- I truly hate feeling like I’m caked in makeup but this stuff not only does my skin look amazing but it’s weightless on me, and to top it off I seem to get the most compliments when wearing this, a definite favourite for me!

Next up is Real Techniques brushes I cannot describe how much they have changed the way I apply makeup. Seriously if you’re only going to buy one sort of expensive thing then get yourself some decent brushes, they make the world of difference and I would never go back to having cheap brushes. It makes life and your face so much better when you don’t have to pick long black hairs off it that have moulted out your brush!

So onto the more reasonably priced favourite; MakeUp Revolution eye shadow palettes, a particular favourite of mine is the Iconic Elements palette. I have pretty much used this palette everyday since I bought it and would repurchase this again and again. I really cannot sing enough praises for these palettes they are truly outstanding for the £4- £8 price tag and the pigment in them is amazing and to top that all off they’re made in the UK which means no testing on animals- just an added bonus to the beautiful shadows. Also these guys do wonderful blush, highlight and contour palettes. Definitely a must for the beauty savvy!

Right onto the baking favourites, I’m going to keep this simple, vanilla bean cake, need I say more! It is by far my favourite cake to make for people, you can make it as exciting or as simple as you like with different icings and decoration, but the taste is so scrummy and you’ll get so many compliments for this it’s a good simple cake to have up your sleeve to whip out for friends birthdays or any occasion requiring cake, like wednesdays! Here’s the recipe– you can make it into a sandwich cake, one big one or lots of fairy/cupcakes it is really that versatile!


Thanks for reading and check out our next post!

the cake faces


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