Good Food Show!

Hello lovely people!

So this year we attended the Good Food Show London which included the Cakes and Bakes show, held at Olympia in Kensington.

Good Food 2015_1

The first thing we did when we arrived was go and grab one of the free show bags that included so many freebies and leaflets advertising various cooking and household products. Some of the best bits being the mini jammy dodgers (great for a quick snack on the way round!) and the Knorr’s stocks pots which are lovely to cook with.

We then walked around various stands sampling some amazing cheeses and spirits. By far the best new alcoholic drink we tried was Coole Swan an Irish liqueur made with Belgium White Chocolate – it was heaven! If you’re not into sweet things the gin we tried at The City of London Distillery was unbelievable and we’d highly recommend that to anyone! The bottles were also amazing!

Good Food 2015_2

If you were after a non-alcoholic drink there was an amazing stand called Hullabuloo which was a business from Somerset making homemade traditional lemonade, it was so refreshing and delicious that we bought several bottles between us! It’s literally the perfect drink!

Onto the food side of it we visited and tried lots of samples!


The first food item I bought was falafel mix from Falafel Easy Mix they tasted glorious and for £5 I got a massive bag that will last me a year/ make about 100 balls (depending on size!). The guy on the stand said they would soon be stocked in Tesco’s so great news there!

We saw a couple of celeb’s, the first being Tom Kerridge which we saw cook 3 dishes in the Supertheatre. He was wonderful and such a nice bloke. Seemed really down to earth and didn’t try to repeatedly flog us anything! He also gave some great tips on cooking and removed some of the myths about wine and garlic (apparently you don’t need to bash it with a knife of the chopping board, just grate it!). The other celeb we saw was Mich Turner, who is a true idol of mine, seriosuly I love the woman (she taught me to make sugar roses) however I have to say I was soooo dissapointed with her demonstration I was expecting her to show us some awesome decorating styles and tips, but instead we were shown how to make a Carrot cake which was then iced (badly!). It was really disheartening and in all honestly she seemed more interested in dropping in as many other celebrity names as possible! She seemed like a nice lady but I was disappointed with the demo.


The first item I bought was a set of three Kisag peelers (doesn’t sound very exciting I know!!) The set included a normal peeler, a julienne peeler and a soft fruit peeler. I have tried the normal and the julienne and found they are brilliant! The normal peeler is much better than the one I already owned and the Julienne one allows me to make courgette spaghetti so easily! I know I will use them loads and have a lifetime guarantee so were such great value for £5!

The second item I bought was some Turkish Delight, I don’t personally like it at all but Matt loves it so I thought I’d bring him back some. There was an authentic Arabic food stand where they had a huge selection of flavours, including all the traditional rosewater, orange and lemon. I picked up a few of each flavour including some that were pistachio coated in coconut (they seemed more appealing to me!!). I’m told they were delicious and they disappeared quite quick!

Good Food 2015_3

Overall it was a really good day and we had so much fun. We would definitely recommend attending one of the shows to everyone who likes to eat, cook or bake! You can get tickets here!

the cake faces


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