Beautifully Matte by N07

Hello lovely people!

So I thought I’d review my everyday foundation, Beautifully Matte by N07. I’ve been using this foundation for about 4 – 6 months after a recommendation by a friend. I hadn’t really bought N07 make-up before as I had kind of seen it as a brand for slightly older women – well not anymore!!


N07 do this totally awesome colour matching service, they remove a tiny patch of your make-up on each cheek and then hold a machine which reads the colour pigmentation in your skin and then matches it to one of their shades. I got matched to ‘Cool Vanilla’, this saves loads of time having to test out a couple of shades to see which one is right!

The description for the foundation reads…

“No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation formula has been tested to provide a shine free look for up to 12 hours. It leaves your skin shine free – essential for anyone with oily skin. Minimising the appreance of pores, leaving a more flawless complexion.

There is no powdery grey finish, associated with some matte foundations and overall looks flattering to the skin.

The formula has been tested to ensure it won’t block pores and high levels of colour pigments means the coverage is relatively opaque with a silky matte finish. Salicylic acid had been included in the formula to help unblock pores and improve the condition of the skin throughout wear.

With SPF15, it helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Ethanol leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed.”

I was drawn in by the shine free, high coverage, 12hr wear without looking powdery or having blocked pores. I got a sample of the product and then ended up buying a bottle. I use this foundation pretty much every day, but also have the N07 Airbrush Away foundation (which is much more lightweight and less coverage but still build-able). I sometimes mix the two to get a nice in-between.It combines really well with other foundations. So my everyday routine goes something along the lines of wash face, moisturise, prime, foundation, eyebrows, bronzer, blusher, eyes.

So here’s my thoughts on the product. First off it comes in a nice bottle that has a pump – very useful to feel like you get every last bit out of the bottle and easy to dispense just a tiny bit if you need. (The bit I don’t like so much is that the lid falls off quite easily).


After dispensing about 2.5 / 3 pumps on my hand (less if I mix with another foundation) I blend the product with a beauty sponge (I use the Real Techniques one) and using the sponge it blends really easily and smoothly and has a beautifully even coverage. I do find that if I don’t use a sponge I can’t get as even coverage and end up with some marks / lines. The foundation also doesn’t provide a flat matte finish, I find it is slightly dewy probably due to my slightly oily skin, which prevents that mask like foundation look. Those of you with very dry skin might find this foundation too flat.


The foundation sits nicely on the skin and allows powder products to blend over well, I use a powder bronzer and blush so this is important to me! I do sometimes use a concealer under my eyes if i need to brighten the area but the foundation certainly provides enough pigment and coverage! (image below shows half of my face with foundation and half without to show coverage – Left side without foundation, Right side with)


So after a full day at work (I apply my make-up at about 7am and don’t leave work until about 6pm) I’m not shiny, dewier than I was went it was freshly applied and it has some serious staying power! I do find that where I wear my glasses at work it takes off my foundation slightly but I find this with every single one I’ve tried!


(This is the finished look after applying)

I would definitely recommend this foundation, its probably best for combination and oily skin (although I do still use it when my skin is dry!). It’s a really good buy as it lasts a long time, I’m on my second bottle and would buy again after this one runs out! I would recommend using a setting spray or powder with this foundation just to make it last even longer!

Hope you find this review helpful and thanks for reading!

Liv x

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