Morphe 35W Palette Review

Hello lovely people,

So a while ago I bought the Morphe Brushes 35W palette and 3 brushes, the M507 Pointed Mini Blender Brush, M505 Point Blender Brush and the M179 Angled Blush Brush.

I wanted to wait a while before I wrote a review on these to make sure I’d throughly tried and tested the palette and brushes.
So the palette is A-mazing, like unbelievable. I’m a massive fan of Make-Up Revolution eye shadows (because they’re so pigmented) but the Morphe palette is just beautiful! They’re a wonderful texture and the pigment payoff it just fantastic. You can see beautiful colours in the picture below. It was about £15 and I got mine from Beauty Bay, but it’s sold in lots of places online!
I picked this palette as I wanted some more oranges and warm tones in my collection and this has really filled that gap. There isn’t a single shadow in the palette that I’ve tried and haven’t liked. My particular favourites for everyday are all of the top row! I’m really pale so finding shadows to make a really light look are great! I love the colours in the third row they’re beautiful and layer really well. In all honesty I’ve tried them all and loved them. If I had to pick one that’s not as loved as the rest it would be the glittery black purely because I don’t wear really dark makeup often.
I like to do a very soft smoked look for my everyday (please excuse my hair it’s doing its own thing!) and these shadows are perfect for that. I can layer lots and they blend seamlessly without it getting caked on or starting to look heavy. I’ve swatched every single shadow on my arm below, please excuse the picture I am incredibly pale so it is hard to see the light shades on me but they are gorgeous! I’ve done it in two different lights to show you them as accurately as possible.
I really would hands down recommend this palette to everyone it’s such a hit and it’s not just for super pale people like me, I’ve seen some beautiful photos of other people of all skin tones wearing this palette and they look gorgeous (much better at their makeup than me!).
Right onto the brushes; so I’m just gonna come straight out and say it, don’t love them as much as the palette which I find odd as the brand is called Morphe BRUSHES. On the positive side they all blend beautifully and transfer the product really well so for the price great!
But negatives…. they moult, I don’t know what else to say really, they moult. It makes me sad I was sooooo excited to have Morphe brushes like the youtube beauty guru’s who rave about them. The two eyeshadow ones aren’t as bad, less hair to moult?? I’m not sure!
With the angled blush I have at least one long dark hair left on my face after using it. I’ve used it daily since getting it about a month ago thinking maybe it’s just a few loose ones, but nope everyday one long black hair that I have to remember to remove from my face before getting to work (it’s mildly embarrassing otherwise!).
So overall they are nice brushes in the sense that they blend well and pick up product well but I can’t handle the moulting so I probably won’t be buying any more Morphe brushes again. I’m going to stick with the eyeshadows that are unbelievable!! Get those instead!
I hoped you’ve enjoyed this review, let me know how any of you have got on with Morphe Brushes? What are your favourite palettes?
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