March Christmas makeup review!

Hellooooo, we are so sorry it’s been so long since we last wrote, Christmas and the New Year has been incredibly busy; Livvy moved, I got a new job, it’s no excuse but we have been hoarding makeup and trying loads of new products so we can tell you what we’re loving or not!

So to kick this off I’m going to show you the slightly more high end bits I got for Christmas (who doesn’t ask for those splurge items at Christmas!) and then in a couple of days Liv will go through her fancy Christmas bits!

 Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Love love love this mascara, it’s creamy but not clumpy and it makes my eyelashes look amazing! The wand is genius it’s got a slight bend on the end so the actual brush is angled for that perfect application, all makeup companies should do this. The formula has got better with age I like a slightly thicker formula and when I first opened this it was quite smooth but after a couple of days/ weeks it’s perfect and I will definitely repurchase it again and again! You can get yours here.

Bare Minerals Ready Set Foundation – R150

So I requested this foundation for Christmas because it’s a little pricey for me (£26) it is quite simply the best foundation for my skin. I don’t have to wear anything under this no concealer or liquid foundation/BB cream I use a tiny amount of primer and it makes my skin look flawless. I love it! 

But a word of warning, bare minerals need a couple of minutes to settle so apply a tiny amount and then wait a couple of minutes and add another layer if needed. It is soooo easy to apply way too much of this. It’s actually a heavy duty foundation so a little goes a long way. I do two swirls into it using my real techniques Powder brush and that does my whole face, if I need to cover my dark circles or any blemishes I just use the bare minerals concealer brush and pat a little amount of the powder over them and hey presto wonderskin!! I highly recommend this foundation it’s so easy to wear and it’s nice to your skin so extra bonus! You can buy it from large department stores or here.


Clinque Whole Lotta Chubby set

I got given this set for christmas from our other fabulous sister and it’s amazing! The set includes 3 chubby lip balms one normal in Curvy Candy, one intense in Mightiest Maraschino and one baby tint in Poppin Poppy. It then also had a Chubby Eye Shadow in Bountiful Beige and a Chubby Cheek Stain in Amp’d Up Apple. The set is wonderful, I’ve been a fan of Chubby sticks for ages they’re just so wearable and sit really nicely I like the wash of colour they give and that they are incredibly moisturising. The colours included in this set are great colours I think everyone can wear. 

I’d never tried the eye shadow or cheek tints before, but they are beautiful. The eye shadow is a cream but sets like a powder and sits nicely throughout the day, it does crease a little but that’s something I struggle with, but its a really lovely product and the bountiful beige colour is just so me! Who doesn’t love a natural coloured eyeshadow with a slight shimmer?! 

Right so finally the cheek stain and this doesn’t disappoint either it’s a really beautiful rosy apple colour that blends seamlessly (even over powder) onto the apples of the cheeks. If you’ve never owned any Chubby products before then I’d highly recommend a set like this it gives a really good overview of the products and the colours are all so wearable! A great present!! It’s in the sale now so you can get a bargain here.

(Top to Bottom; Poppin Poppy, Curvy Candy,Mightiest Maraschino, Amp’d Up Apple and Bountiful Beige)                                                 


Real Techniques Brushes: 

I got three new brushes for Christmas and they’re all wonderful:


(Left to right; Powder Brush, Expert Face Brush, Foundation Brush)

Powder Brush –  this huge fluffy powder brush is glorious I use this everyday to apply my Bare minerals foundation and it covers my whole face amazingly! Everyone needs this brush to apply or set foundation – it’s a no brainer!

Expert Face Brush – I was extremely excited about this brush as I’d read lots of great things about it for applying liquid foundation and this bad boy doesn’t fall short! It’s amazing, I look airbrushed and use less foundation!! This is a winner so a huge thumbs up from me! 

Foundation Brush – this is an angled foundation brush and although I don’t particularly like to use this kind of foundation brush to do my whole face it is really wonderful for blending concealer under the eyes and around the nose. It blends concealer beautifully and ensures no creases underneath my eyes. The angled bristles really get in all the tight corners. It’s not one I would have picked up myself but I’m glad I’ve got it in my collection and use it pretty much everyday now!


Right so that’s the more pricey products that I received for Christmas, I’m so lucky! So let me know if you guys have tried any of these products or suggest something for us to try!

 Liv will be putting up her Christmas bits in a couple of days so watch this space…


the cake faces


7 thoughts on “March Christmas makeup review!

  1. Adryana says:

    I love RT brushes. They are really good products for helping to get the best result. I love your blog and I can’t wait to see new posts from you 😊👌 Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😎😉


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