Christmas Make-up Review Round #2

Hello you lovely people!

As Hannah said in her previous post we’ve been very busy hoarding make-up and it seems like only a moment ago it was Christmas! So now Hannah has reviewed her bits it’s my turn! I was very fortunate to receive some really gorgeous make-up / beauty bits this Christmas and have been trying them out over the past couple of months. So read below for my thoughts on them!

Urban Decay De-slick Makeup Setting Spray

I’d wanted to try this for a really long time and even got a small sample of this to try (very difficult to try in a teeny tiny spray bottle). Its really great stuff and definitely keeps my make-up on for hours and hours! I don’t use this everyday as I don’t really feel I need to, however if I’m going out for the evening then its a go-to for me! My sisters got me the oil-control version of this spray because generally on a night out I get super shiny (weird because normally my skin is really quite dry?!). What’s kind of awesome about this setting spray is that it has temperature control technology which means it helps stop makeup slipping, smudging and fading. I am really looking forward to trying this on holiday! Also the bottle I got is a travel one so it has 2 caps which is pretty nifty! You can get yours here.

Chanel Le Volume Ultra-Noir Mascara

I was very lucky to receive this as surprise gift for christmas! I haven’t ever tried a Chanel mascara before so this was quite exciting for me to compare it to drugstore brands that I would normally use. The formula was definitely runnier in the first two weeks of being open and it has gradually thickened up. I have to say I preferred it when it was slightly runnier as it was easier to apply and I think gave a better finish, its still a lovely mascara but I don’t think it gives the truly incredible finish I was expecting. I do sometimes run the outer casing under the hot water tap and rub in my hands to warm the mascara up so it gets runnier! One thing I really like about this mascara is just how black it is – super super pigmented!! The brush is also the small spikey plastic brush type (typically I like the really big bristly brushes) but it’s probably the best plastic brush I’ve used. You can get yours here.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

I already have a couple of Real Techniques brushes, and Hannah really likes the Real Techniques brushes she has, so I was really keen to try a few more, so popped them on my Christmas list! This blush brush is very soft, densely packed and has a really soft rounded shape. It picks up my powder blush really well and (I think because of the shape) creates a really soft, pretty and natural look. I use this brush everyday and it isn’t shedding and has washed really nicely (always what you want from a brush!). You can get yours here.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

The sculpting brush from the Real Techniques range I really wanted to try so I could contour my face better and apply any bronzer a little more precisely. This brush is really dense and has quite a soft angled shape to it, which means it picks up pigments really well. I do find that sometimes it creates a slightly harsh line and I have to work to blend the pigment in so I don’t have a zebra stripe! I don’t think this is my favourite brush – it is definitely useful but I would like to try some other angled contour brushes just so I can compare a little better. You can get one here!

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

This was another brush I got for Christmas and was kind of a surprise one! Its like a brush pen nib which is made of silicone. This means its quite bendy and very flexible. I use this brush for a pot of Rimmel Gel Eyeliner I have, it did come with a brush but I’m not a big fan of it! I don’t find this as easy as the pen liquid eyeliner I use (Soap & Glory Supercat by the way!). I do find the brush has a pen style nib which I like but it definitely takes more time and I do find that the finish is not quite as good, especially the wing on my eyeliner. If you’re a pro with brushes for gel eyeliner then I’d say its worth a try. You can get one here.

Tangle Teezer

My sisters bought me a Tangle Teezer for Christmas and its awesome! It fits in my handbag so when my hair is straight I can brush it and tame it again when I’m out and about (this is really good for me because my hair goes super crazy!). I know this will sound a little strange but it feels really nice on my head too when I use it – its like a mini head massage! Its really good after I get out the shower and definitely detangles really well. Something I absolutely love about this brush is that it is shaped to perfectly fit in your hand – incredible! I don’t use it when my hair is curly because any kind of brushing turns it even frizzer than it already is! I am really happy with this brush, a great product which is definitely worth the really affordable price tag! You can get one here.

SensatioNail Nail Shields

My sisters also bought me the Sensationail Nail Shields as I already have the starter kit and additional colours. I was keen to try the shields as sometimes the gel can be tricky and time consuming to remove. This makes me really impatient so occasionally I damage my nails to get the gel off (naughty I know!!). I really like these shields, they’re really easy to apply and although the gel doesn’t last quite as long, I would say about a week to a week and a half rather than just up to two weeks, they don’t affect the overall appearance and you wouldn’t know they’re there! When you’re ready to remove your gel you can pretty much just peel it off – how amazing is that?! I don’t use the shields everytime, especially if I want the gel to last the maximum amount of time but they’re a useful tool to use every couple of times to keep your natural nails in better condition. The other bonus to this is you get loads and loads in the box! You can get the nail shields here.


Thanks for reading and I hope you found the reviews helpful! Any comments or suggestions of products to try would be great so please leave them below!


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