London Baby!!


Soooo we went to London baby!! We planned a long weekend to coincide with a wedding I had on the Sunday evening. On the Saturday we went to Madame Tussaud’s, we used club card vouchers (everyone loves a bargain). It was a fab day out and we got soooo many photos! It was so much fun and some of the waxworks are so realistic it was a bit unnerving I expected them to shout Boo at any moment! Such a wonderful day but definitely get the tickets through a deal or something otherwise it’s a hefty £34 each!!


I then went to Victoria Palace theatre on Saturday night to see Billy Elliot!! It. Was. Incredible! I absolutely loved it. It was a belated anniversary present and it was amazing, the music, the dancing, the actors! It made references and tied into the film but it wasn’t trying to be the film, just so perfectly done for the stage!

Great weekend for sure! Check out some of the photos below!

Pics L to R: Hannah, Madame Tussaud, Liv, Jonny Wilkinson, The Beckhams, Us and Mohammed Ali!

We also went to Westfield London on the Sunday and yup you guessed it we each bought more makeup! We’ll upload a quick rundown of what we bought tomorrow and then can do proper reviews once we’ve properly tested!

Have a fab weekend all,

the cake faces


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