LipStick Confessions!

Hey lovely people,

Ok so I have a confession to make. I have an addiction – I can’t stop buying lip products! I adore them there are so many colours and formulas, I want them all!!

I’m going to dive into my lipstick drawer and pick out some of my faves, yes I have a whole draw dedicated to lips, some may call it a shrine.


So my top 5 lip products in my drawer:


Clarins Lip Perfector – 02 Coral – It’s expensive and the stick doesn’t last long, but it is the most beautiful colour I’ve ever owned! I’m desperate to find a dupe! I have a love for nude lipsticks and this tops them all. I just wish they’d put more in the stick!


Ofra Liquid Lipstick – Laguna Beach – A wonderful nude (you may sense a theme!) but this liquid lipstick is kinda special, it lasts all day and doesn’t go chunky on my lips!


Urban Decay – Rush – Ok so bit of a confession, I’ve owned this lipstick for ages…this thing never runs out! But it’s a wonderful dark pinky nude that feels like a balm on your lips! They still make the same colour just new packaging now- so when this does run out I will definitely repurchase.


Clinique Chubby Sticks– I have lots! My favourite colours are either the babytint in Poppin Poppy or the red Two Ton Tomato! For my review on Chubby products go here.


Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Color – Tutti Cutie – this is a lovely summery pinky coral shade it’s great for lifting a simple eye look and the formula is lovely. If you’re looking for a long wearing lipstick this isn’t it, but it’s such a fab colour!

There’s a couple of products that I bought quite recently that I’m really loving but can’t quite call all time favourites yet as I haven’t owned them long enough!

NYX Butter Gloss – smells awesome, looks better and for a fiver everyone should own one. Check out our review here for NYX products.

Barry M Lip Paint – Genie – I’m in love with this lipstick. It says it wears for 8 hours and it wears for 8 hours, it’s amazing and the bold berry pink is a great colour on me- it’s not something I’d normally pick up if it had been that colour in the tube, but because this reacts to the alkaline level of your lips it turns to your shade!

Rimmel Colour Rush – Give me a Cuddle – (I think that’s the right colour as it rubbed off the stick!) this is a wonderful pinky nude colour, it’s such a great everyday colour and so easy to wear!

Rimmel Kate Nude – 45 – Again a fab nude shade very similar to the Colour Rush but this is matte rather than a balm.


Lipbalms – I have two lip balms, one; Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry, lives in my handbag and the other; Burts Bees in Honey on my nightstand. Love them both!

In total I’ve got 35 lip items in the draw and counting. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve got any makeup addictions and if there’s anything you think we should try!


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