Beauty Confessions…

Hello lovely people!

So Hannah shared her addiction to lip products on Saturday and now its my turn!

My make-up / beauty addiction is all things nails…nail polishes, false nails, studs and gems, gel polishes, nail art pens…the list could go on! I’ve had a strange fascination with false nails since I was little and used to beg my mum to buy me a set when they went in a sale in Boots! Since then I have been buying polish and painting everyone’s nails that I could!

I have to admit I have quite a large collection, consisting of various types and brands of polishes, tools, false nails and extras! Its all lovely and organised in a special beauty box carrier and my gel lives in a separate box. Yes you can probably tell I love to be organised!

Not so long ago I did a bit of a sort out to throw away polishes I simply don’t use ever or ones that were gloopy and old and horrid. I now have about 85….oops!!

I love trying new brands of polish and I often take inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram for any designs.

So I’m going to pick out a few of my favourite polishes from my collection, these aren’t in a particular order as I’m not sure I could choose an all time favourite!

1. Essie Gel Setter – This is a great topcoat. It dries super shiny, makes polish last longer and definitely does give a gel-like finish. It is relatively pricey but I think its worth it. (I also really like Seche Vite as a topcoat as it dries so quick and does make the polish last, but it does tend to go a bit gloopy!)


2. Ciate ‘Playdate’ – this is an incredible colour! Its so bright and bold without being an unwearable colour. It looks great in the spring and dries really quickly. I got a whole set of Ciate polishes in a nail polish advent calendar (possibly the best nail thing I’ve ever bought!!) and the formula of the polishes is lovely – thin so they don’t go gloopy but not ridiculously runny and super pigmented – perfect!


3. Rimmel Rita Ora ‘Rain Rain Go Away’ – this is a really pretty nude colour. Its super versatile and goes on nice and smoothly. It also makes a great base colour for a chevron design or something a little bit fancy!


4. Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardener – I’m quite surprised another clear makes it into my favourites, but I use this every time I paint my nails. It is a brilliant base coat, goes on smooth and thin, dries quickly and I really think it helps keep polish on longer without chipping. Its also really affordable which is always a plus!


5. Models Own ‘Heather’ – this one is in the favourites because of the colour. Its so gorgeous, I love that its not a purple purple, but its not pink and its not dark or light but a beautiful mid tone. Its a colour I keep going back to as well. However, as lovely as the colour, I’m not a huge fan of Models Own polishes. I have bought a couple and always find the consistency very thick, which means they go gloopy thickly and don’t go on very well. Also because they’re a thick polish it means that they take a while to dry as you can’t really paint thin coats.


So there are a few of my favourites!

I also have a SensatioNail Gel collection which I recently reviewed, you can check it out here.

Thanks for reading! Let me know of any nail products / polishes you think are great because I’d love to try them!


the cake faces

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