e.l.f. Haul Review

Hi lovely people, Hannah here,

So you might have seen from our instagram account a few weeks ago we each did an e.l.f. haul. Not going to lie it felt like ages waiting for it to arrive from the USA (about 11 days in total). We’re going to do a post each to go through our new found loves and a few disappointments so it’s my turn first!

So I this is what I ordered;


Studio High Definition Powder “Sheer”

I really like this powder, its incredibly finely milled and I like setting my undereye area and forehead with it. It does a good job of keeping everything in place throughout the day. It’s a good product but I’m not sure it’s a new must have for me.


Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder “St Lucia”

Ok so I don’t want to be negative but I always want to give you guys my honest opinion (otherwise whats the point?) for me this just isn’t a great product. Both products are really sparkly and I mean chunks of glitter which I’m not a fan of. The bronzer is too dark for me and it’s hard work to blend. I find the blush is a nice colour but it’s not very pigmented and I think I could have got a better product for the same money from Boots or Superdrug.

Studio Blush “Candid Coral”

This is the same as the blush above, I don’t know if I got a bad batch but it’s just so not pigmented (I rubbed my finger about 12 times across this to get the swatch). It’s a pretty colour in the pan I just wish it’s what appeared on my cheeks too! I had heard this was a dupe for Nars Deep Throat but I’m really hoping Nars is more pigmented, I’m going to check it out next time I’m near a Nars counter! I should mention that I love the packaging on the studio items it feels more expensive than it is!

Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick “Strawberry”

Another disappointment for me, you may know about my dislike of minty, tingly lip products! My lips hate them and they kinda hurt when I wear them. Nowhere on the description does it mention that this smells like menthol and is plumping, otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered this. Sorry e.l.f. but I’m really not impressed with this. The colour is pretty though if you don’t mind the tingle / smell. Also added bonus if you have a cold the scent will unblock your nose!

Essential Glitter Eye Primer

I saw this on Pinterest as a bit of a cult love and statements saying it’s a dupe for Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, so I ordered it to give it a go. It is fab!! I’m in love with this, it really does prolong my eyeshadow and helps stop creasing! Really like this, a little goes a long way. Brilliant!


Studio Eye Liner “Midnight”

This is another product I’m really pleased with from the haul. It was a bargain and it’s a beautiful navy blue shade that’s great for those days where you just don’t want black eyeliner. It blends well and you can do a lovely quick smokey eye with it! Glad I ordered this one!

Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil “Neutral Brown”

This is my favourite product of the haul. I was a bit scared of ordering an eyebrow pencil without being able to test to colour first but wow I’m so glad I went for it. The pencil is seriously creamy it blends amazingly and provides a great natural brow look. The spoolie on the end is great too as it’s nice and firm so brushes the colour through evenly. I love it this and it made the whole haul worth the wait!!

I also got a free gift called ‘Spring Beauty Kit’ which included; Bronzed Beauty palette, Natural Matte eyeshadow, Natural Nymph Mineral Lipstick, Kohl eyeliner and Lip Definer & Shaper.


I only received this a couple of days ago as there was a slight error with my initial order but e.l.f rectified it really quickly (thumbs up e.l.f). I don’t want to do a full review as I haven’t had them long enough. However I can say after a couple of days use that I’m really loving the bronzer palette it has great shades (3 matte, 1 shimmer) and they blend really well. The eyeshadows are really pigmented and creamy and sit well throughout the day. The gift is really lovely and well thought out. The only bit I’m not too keen on is the lipstick but that’s only because it’s a bit too pale and skin coloured for me (looks nicer on my hand than on my lips). This offer is no longer available but there’s always a free gift type offer on their website!

So there you have it, a real mixed bag, some of them I love and wish they sold e.l.f. in British chemists/drugstores as I’d definitely buy again. Other products I’m really not that fussed about!

Let me know if you’ve tried of these and if you’ve got any e.l.f. recommendations!!


the cake faces


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