e.l.f Haul Round 2

Hello lovely people!


Ok so Hannah did her post about the product she bought from e.l.f and now its my turn, here’s what I ordered;

Studio High Definition Powder “Sheer”


I also ordered this powder, I completely agree with Hannah, its very very fine. This makes it really easy to pick up on my brush, I think this powder does help to keep my make-up on slightly longer, however I don’t think its the best product to I’ve used for this. I do find this powder makes everything blend really nicely though, although sometimes there seems to be particles which haven’t been finely milled.
Essential Lip Balm Tint “Peach”

This was only £1 so I thought I couldn’t go wrong! Its a really pretty, sheer but buildable peachy colour, which will be so lovely on holiday! I don’t really like using my finger to apply this, however the product softens really quickly so you can easily apply with a brush. Really happy I ordered this.
Studio Pressed Mineral Bronzer “Baked Peach”

This is a lovely colour and is quite pigmented – not the best pigmentation but it’s pretty good. Its not glittery but has a very subtle shimmer. I like to use this as a very soft contour as it just provides a little colour, but it works just as great as a normal bronzer.

Studio Lip Exfoliator “Clear”


This was a fantastic purchase, and possibly my favourite item from the haul. I do suffer with dry lips and use quite a few different products to try and get them soft and smooth as I love a lipstick and they never sit quite right with dry lips! This is like a lipstick thats made up of a balm and exfoliator, you just gently rub it over your lips. It just gently wipes away the dry skin leaving you with soft lips. It works a treat! You definitely need to apply something after using this to ensure they stay nice and smooth. I would also say please don’t rub this too hard otherwise it will hurt!!

Essential Fan Brush


I bought this because I wanted a softer finer brush to apply highlight. However, I’m not sure I really like this brush, it might be me but it just doesn’t seem to pick up much product. I have tied this with three different highlighters and you really have to work to powder onto this brush. I’m a little disappointed and will try another fan brush before I give up on this!

Studio Baked Bronzer “Maui”

Unfortunately this is one of two products that arrived broken. However it’s not all bad news as its just the dome of the bronzer that has broken, so I can still use the flat product. Its a super shimmery and a really gold bronze. I do think it could be slightly more pigmented as the colour pay off is not the best.

Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder “St. Lucia”

This is the other product that arrived broken. The blush is this duo was fine, however the bronzer arrived completely broken. The blush really doesn’t really have any colour pay off, especially when I compare to it to the Makeup Revolution blushes. I was really disappointed by this product.

Studio Lip Stain “Birthday Suit”

I thought this would be a nude pink, especially by the name, but its a pink pink. I do like the colour, however I think the tone is slightly too light for me. The finish isn’t great on this, it does set but it doesn’t stain. The product doesn’t seem to stay very long, and it all works its way to the edge like a liner. The gloss doesn’t go over the stain well as it just moves it around your lips leaving you with a patch result. Not very impressed with this product and wouldn’t repurchase.

I was a little disappointed with my order as I didn’t receive the free gift and two products were broken. however elf have been brilliant and refunded the bronzers and gave me a gift card to order a few more products so I will update you when they arrive!

Let us know of any recommendations or if you’ve tried any of the products!

Thanks for reading!


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