Cake extravaganza! 

Hey lovely people,

So over the past weeks I’ve done quite a lot of baking as there have been two birthdays, a hen do and a last minute wedding cake/cupcakes!

So our parents birthdays are both at the end of April and of course birthday equals cake! I made my mum caramel cupcakes with almond brittle on top and my dad a sticky ginger cake.

The caramel cupcakes I made by adding soft brown sugar to the cake mixture instead of normal white sugar, this gives them a lovely caramel flavour. The almond brittle looks way harder than it is, people are often scared about boiling sugar but as long as you watch it carefully there’s really nothing easier. You don’t need any fancy equipment just a good frying pan!

The ginger cake is a good food recipe I have used several times and my dad adores it! It’s a sticky dark cake that’s incredibly moist and lasts really well in a tin! You can find the recipe here I would recommend this as a good alternative birthday cake to anyone who likes a heavier cake!

So I’m not going to include pictures of the hen-do cupcakes as they’re a little naughty (I’m sure you can imagine!). But lets just say they were great fun to make! I made a basic vanilla sponge recipe you can find this here and topped with a light fluffy buttercream.


Right on to the wedding cakes! This was very last minute after the bride to be said she wanted 60 cupcakes and a small wedding cake to serve guests. This won’t be the cake they cut as the groom wanted a pork pie wedding cake (how cool is that!?) but they wanted something sweet to serve their guests on the day.

I’ve was given quite an open brief and she sent me a couple of pictures of ‘naked’ wedding cakes and cupcakes. So I again turned to my trusty vanilla sponge (it never disappoints) and made a slightly different buttercream with white chocolate and double cream whipped into it to give it slightly more structure and that classic British strawberries and cream flavour. I must say I’m pretty impressed with them seeing as they were baked/decorated on evenings after work.


Let me know what you guys have been baking recently I’m always looking for new things to try!

Happy Baking!


the cake faces


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