Lean In 15 Review


Hello lovely people!

I’ve been using the Lean in 15 book by Joe Wicks and thought I would share my thoughts on it. I bought the book back in February sometime and have made quite a few recipes from it so far.

First off the idea is quite simple; eat a meal with carbohydrates in it after you’ve exercised. If you haven’t done exercise eat a reduced carbohydrate / carb free meal. So I’ve been trying to do a HIIT workout about four times a week (sometimes its been considerably less!) and then on those days eating a carb meal afterwards, I usually exercise in the morning so I have overnight oats or a bagel for breakfast. I don’t always stick to eating carbs straight after a workout because it’s nice to have them for dinner instead sometimes!

My favourite meal so far has probably been the Asian Duck Salad. Its so filling, tasty and feels like a proper treat! The other benefit of this (and most of the other meals) is that it only takes 15 minutes to make – perfect when I get in from work! With this one you just need to pre-cook the quinoa or it will take a little longer.


A some of my other favourites are Cheesy Chorizo Chicken and Spinach, Chicken with Creamy Wild Mushroom and Tarragon Sauce, Quick Poached Salmon with Speedy Rat-a-tat-a-touille, Turkey Mince Lettuce Boats and the Build-up Bagel. I haven’t made everything in the book but will continue to keep making different meals because they’ve pretty much all been good so far!

I have found that its quite a nice mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, with choices from burgers to smoothies and loads of lovely things in between! I would definitely recommend this book as its full of super delicious, easy, filling meals. Joe’s plan is easy to follow and if you were thinking of signing up to his 90 SSS plan I’ve seen some incredible transformation photos and results!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the recipes or are on the 90 SSS plan in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!



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