May Favourites!

Hello lovely people!

So today we’re sharing our May favourites! (also how is it pretty much the end of may already?!?!?)


Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks – “Flirty” & “Cheeky Secret”

I bought one of these and had to go back and get another! They’re a really lovely glossy lipstick with a hint of colour. I bought the rosey pink colour and a peachy one. I love this type of lip product so easy to wear and can be layered over stronger lip colours to create a beautiful gloss over the top. The packaging is really lovely too it feels way more expensive than it is with a mirror included as well! This is a definite 5 stars from me and I have been wearing these constantly throughout the month!

e.l.f HD Setting Powder – “Sheer”


So I got this in the e.l.f haul (review here) and I’ve really been loving this powder throughout May I like to set my under eyes and chin with this in a baking type technique and it really does keep everything in place all day with no horrible white cast.

e.l.f Instant Lift Brow Pencil

Again this is another e.l.f. haul product but I literally haven’t used anything else on my brows all month. I’m in love with this! It’s creamy, it blends well and it’s a perfect colour for my brows!

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara


I got this for Christmas but I’ve been using this daily during May. I had LVL done on my lashes (review coming soon!) and this mascara just gives them even more length and makes them extra black. Lovely formula and a fab brush!!

Olay Eye Makeup Remover

So after you’ve covered your eyes in all that makeup you need something to take it off right? I’ve got really sensitive eyes and a lot of eye makeup removers make me eyes really sore and watery after using them. This doesn’t and it removes everything! Can’t recommend this enough! It’s a cream formula that you rub into your eyes and then wipe off with a cotton pad. I then finish up by washing my eye area with water. It’s a great product and fairly inexpensive!


e.l.f Illuminating Mist & Set


This was part of my second e.l.f order and I really didn’t expect to like it very much as I love the Urban Decay setting spray. However I really like this! Its great! It sets make-up really nicely and does give a relatively fine mist when sprayed. It air dries quickly I find it doesn’t set my make-up with a slight sheen rather than a bit matte.

Sleek MakeUP Blush – “Rose Gold”

Ok so this is incredible! (You can tell by the photo that I love this!!) It is a beautiful pinky rose soft blush with a gold undertone, its perfect for my skin tone and it just gives off such a lovely finish. There’s really good colour pay off and the formula is quite creamy on the skin – lovely!! I would highly recommend this blush and I would like to try more of the Sleek Make-up blushes.

N07 Beautiful Skin Day Cream


I’ve been using this for quite a while and am now on my second pot! This is my favourite moisturiser and the best one I’ve used so far. This one is for normal to dry skin and it works really well, has SPF 15 in, absorbs into the skin without being sticky or greasy and keeps m skin feeling beautifully soft. I struggle with dry skin and this keeps it at bay but doesn’t make the rest of my face oily.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – “London” & “Antwerp”

I got bought the “Antwerp” colour for Christmas (you can see our NYX reviews here). I love these creams so much, they last really well and come in a really lovely range of colours. They work best on smooth lips that aren’t dry so I use an e.l.f exfoliator to keep my lips nice and soft. I bought the colour “London” as I wanted a brown toned lipstick, I am not disappointed by this colour – so soft, creamy and pigmented. Also these lip creams smell amazing!!

So there you have it our May favourites let us know in the comments below what you’ve been loving and if you’ve tried any of the above!

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