LVL Lashes Review

Hey lovely people,

So about 4 weeks ago I had Nouveau LVL lash treatment done. It’s a type of eyelash perm that gives you beautiful curled eyelashes for 6-8 weeks. I had mine done by a good friend who is a beautician and makeup artist. The process takes around 50 minutes and involves 3 steps; perm, tint and moisturise.

Before and After both without mascara.

So first off the perm you have to have your eyes shut for the entire process (you can even take a nap!) the technician then tapes your lower lashes down and you pick a size of curl you want either small, medium or large. The small gives the tightest curl so best for people with shorter lashes and the large, a more natural curl. I opted for the medium as it was my first time. The technician then places the guard over your lid with the bottom against your lash line and slowly ‘sticks’ your lashes to the guard, this takes the longest amount of time in the whole process as they need to ensure each lash is in the right place and straight up otherwise you’d end up with ‘wonky’ lashes. The perming solution is then applied.
Next comes the tint (if you are allergic to tint you can skip this step) to make the lashes look as dramatic as possible, mine are already black so this step didn’t really do much but it did ensure my lashes were all an even colour. The tint is applied for a couple of minutes and then wiped off.
Finally to make your lashes fuller and thicker a moisturiser is applied and this removes any residue left from the perm and tint. The guard and tape are then removed and your lashes are combed through.
You can’t apply mascara or get the lashes wet for 24 hours after the treatment but after than you can pretty much do what you want. All the advice on how to maintain them best can be found here.

Top to Bottom: Before with mascara; straight after treatment without mascara; 3 weeks after with mascara.

I’ve been so pleased with mine and it really has made my lashes pop, they were already pretty long but were very straight and getting any kind of curl was near impossible. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone who wants amazing lashes without extensions!
Here are a few photos of mine, left to right: 3 weeks after no mascara, straight after treatment without mascara, week 4 with mascara and week 3.
As you can see these have lasted incredibly well and I think are a fab idea for holiday as you can have amazing lashes at the pool or beach without being worried about having panda eyes!
the cake faces

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