Artis Brush Dupe?!

Hello lovely people!

Recently I have been looking at the Artis brushes – who hasn’t theres so much hype?! However, they are pretty pricey and the one I would want to buy is the Oval 7 brush, this retails at about £48! I did however read an amazing blog post from Thout Shall Not Covet blog comparing the Artis brush with an eBay dupe. I decided to purchase an eBay dupe which set me back only £2.89, an absolute bargain compared to the £48 for the proper brush!

So first things first, this brush is unbelievably soft and so densely packed (I was really pleasantly surprised for such a cheap price tag!) and I don’t own another brush that is this packed full of fibres! The handle is a little flimsy and when using I do like to put my finger on the head of the brush just to give more stability (and to stop me feeling like I might just hulk-style snap off the top of the brush!), I’m guessing the Artis brush feels a lot sturdier!!

My first use with the brush I absolutely loved. I used it with a liquid foundation and I felt like it applied so smoothly and flawlessly – I was really happy with the brush and the finish it gave. However, after the second use I felt like it was slightly dragging product around my skin, rather than give the lovely even finish I wanted. I have to admit that after that use I was so disappointed I didn’t use it for about a month. I then watched Tati’s review / first impressions video of the brushes and it inspired me to give the brush a second chance.

Left & Middle; Foundation with Artis brush dupe. Right; Foundation with Beauty Blender Sponge

I’ve now used the brush quite a few times with several different liquid foundations and in several ways! Being completely honest, I don’t think this brush gives a better finish than a beauty blender type of sponge but I do think it doesn’t hold onto very much product at all which is great. I have read that some people think this style of brush gives better coverage but I didn’t find this at all really, if anything it made my foundations set slightly quicker and so were more difficult to work with and blend. One thing I loved so much about this brush was how dense and soft it was, completely different and unique in design which is really great, I love things that are innovative and interesting! I certainly didn’t hate this brush and I will be using again but I noticed I did find myself reaching for my sponge rather than this brush. Perhaps the Artis one would be completely different, I may buy one and find out but for now I’m sticking with my dupe!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried these brushes or a dupe. Thanks for reading!


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