Eyeshadow Winners!

Hey lovely people,

Firstly, we’re so sorry we didn’t post anything on Wednesday it’s been a pretty crazy week but we’re back now!!

So today is all about my fave eyeshadow palettes and pans! I’ve picked two stand out eyeshadow things that I love, adore and use all the time.


So my first eyeshadow love has to be my Morphe 35W palette. I’ve reviewed it here just after I bought it. But several months later the love and commitment to this palette is still strong. It has 35 amazing shades, they’re everything you want from an eyeshadow; pigmented, blendable and useful shades! I can honestly say not a week goes by where I don’t reach for this palette. It’s so versatile and I have tried and liked all the shades which is a pretty amazing thing for any palette! So I’ve chosen my top 5 colours from it;

  1. Top row number 4- this shade is beautiful as a brow bone highlight it’s got a beautiful shimmer to it but isn’t glittery – fab!
  2.  Second Row number 3- this brown shade is an awesome transition shade I use this is most of the eye looks I create from this palette as it’s a good crease colour
  3.  Third Row number 1- this orangey shade is just beautiful I would have been a bit nervous about sweeping this onto my lids but I took inspiration from a Queen of Youtube (Jaclyn Hill!) and went for it and have never looked back. If you have green or blue eyes orange shadow is your new best friend!
  4. Bottom row number 1- look at this shimmery brown, what more do I need to say  it’s lush
  5. Third row number 3 – Ok last but not least this stunning rose gold colour, it’s just lovely it works well day or night and goes with pretty much any eye colour.

Ok so my next eyeshadow fave is my MUA Undress Me Too palette. This is supposed to be a dupe of the Naked 2 palette, I can’t say one way or another if it is but I can tell you for the £4 I paid for it a couple of years ago this has well and truly been a bargain! I used this all the time the colours are pigmented, I used the black as an eyeliner sometimes and it’s so intense people can’t tell it’s not a pencil or gel! It has 16 easy to wear shades that are great for creating looks for day and night. If I went away and could only take this palette I wouldn’t be sad in the slightest!

What are your favourite eyeshadows? Let us know in the comments below!


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