Cakes, Cakes & Cakes!

Hello lovely people!

So its been a little while since we did a baking post and there have been a couple of birthday’s, celebrations and reasons to bake so we’d thought we’d share what we’ve been up to!



Hannah mentioned the cake I baked her for her Birthday last month in her Birthday Goodies post. I made two small vanilla cakes which were both three layers sandwiched with vanilla buttercream. I then iced one a pale teal colour and the other pale pink (they did turn out brighter than I anticipated!) I then topped each with a white chocolate ganache and then lots of bits I’d made and bought. These included stroop waffles, giant Milkybar buttons, salted caramel popcorn, toffee popcorn, mini Oreos, vanilla macaroons, meringue kisses and little edible sugar pearls.


For Kate’s birthday last Friday I made a small Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries and vanilla buttercream. I topped this with Milkybar dipped strawberries.

Along side this I made 12 vanilla cupcakes which had a piece of Milkybar in the bottom, as you can probably tell Kate likes white chocolate! I decorated these fondant icing topped with small roses, edible sugar pearls, heart shaped bunting, white chocolate dipped strawberries and jazzes.



So I’ve made a couple of cakes too in July. The first one was for a local pubs 20th anniversary so I made 24 vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate mallow icing and edible pub logos on top and then a larger 20 cake which was fondant iced and painted gold. I wasn’t completely happy with how this turned out as the weather was not on my side and everything was desperately trying to melt as I was making and icing the cake! My best discovery with this was mixing gold lustre dust with vodka to paint the cake. The alcohol evaporates off so it’s not alcoholic! I think the effect worked well for the cake!


The other cakes I made were these cute lemon meringue cupcakes for our other sisters birthday. I found the recipe here. The only little tweak I did was to leave them in the oven after they’d finished cooking to try and ensure the meringue on top didn’t crack or sink which they didn’t.

So there are our bakes!

Let us know if you’ve tried anything similar recently or have any tips for how we could make these even better!!

the cake faces

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