Favourite Hair Products!

Hello lovely people!

So Hannah shared her hair secrets and I thought I’d share my favourite hair products. My hair is very different to Hannah’s and is very thick, naturally wavy, annoyingly frizzy and I have lots of it!

My main issue is the frizziness of my hair so over the years I have tried lots of different products to try and help! I’ve stopped having my hair thinned at the hairdressers to allow the weight of my hair to tame it a little. I was recommended some hair products a while ago and they have definitely favourites so I thought I’d share.

Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste & Chroma Captive

I really like this shampoo and conditioner combination and I definitely use less because the formulas are more concentrated. The shampoo doesn’t lather overly well which took a really long time to get used to (still not sure I am!). The conditioner is lovely and helped my colour last, especially on holiday. Overall both of them smell incredible, last longer than previous shampoo’s and have helped with taming my hair. I have noticed a big difference when I dry it straight and then use my straighteners as my hair is so smooth and sleek!

Bed Head After Party

This smells amazing!!! Its good for smoothing my hair as a finishing creme but I don’t think it lasts all day. I find throughout the day my hair goes get bigger and frizzier almost like I need a top up but its not a product I particularly want to carry round with me all the time! However, this product is smooth and is super easy to apply, plus its lasting a long time!


V05 Ultimate Hold Hairspray

I love this hairspray and I hate it when I have to buy another one! Its the best one I’ve ever used and I’ve been using it for probably about 5 years. Its definitely an oldie and a goodie!! Its not sticky, easily brushes out, sprays in a really fine mist, holds my hair really well, smells good and doesn’t make my hair dry. I really think this is such a great product and I think the weather shield does work as if its really humid I sometimes spray down my hair and it helps to keep it smooth and fly-away free! Love this and cannot recommend it enough.


Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-tasking Hair Beautifier

This is an amazing spray for wet hair, you can find my review in our June favourites post.


Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear about your tips, tricks and favourite products in the comments below!


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