Makeup Storage

Hey lovely people,

So we thought we’d share with you how we each store our makeup, now we don’t have the kind of collections that you see the YouTube beauty guru’s showing but we’ve each got a fair bit and store it very differently.


So I bought a old dressing table off eBay that had been repainted (I didn’t do it myself!). I love it as it’s got lots of drawers and also place for storage on top and underneath. So lets start with what I’ve got on the top.


So I’ve got an old biscuit tin that I store all my loose items like mascara, eyebrow bits, single eyeshadows, eyeliners, cream blushes etc it’s basically a tin of all my bits and bobs. Then around it I have my Morphe 35W palette, foundations, moisturisers, perfume and my brushes which I store in these 2 plastic cups that look like glass.


So onto the drawers, in the first drawers I have boxes that contain my palettes and powder items. Then at the back another box lid that has random odd makeup bits like the few falsies I own and bits I use occasionally. The drawer below is my junk drawer, everyone has one and this contains random things like a sewing kit, hair bands and just other bits I don’t know where to put!

On the other side the top drawer has my spray bottles like deodorant, hair spray, dry shampoo etc. Then there’s my lipstick drawer, as I said in my Lipstick confessions blog here I loooove lip products and then have a whole drawer dedicated to them! So I’ve got the larger ones laid out in the front and a plastic lipstick holder for the standard tubes. Finally the middle drawer contains jewellery and hair bobbles!

So that’s how I store my makeup, it’s not perfect but it works for me!


So I don’t have as much makeup as Hannah as I had a massive sort out a couple of years ago and threw loads away, although I am trying to replace it and build up my collection  again! It does mean that whats in my main storage is all the bits I use pretty regularly (or new bits I’m testing!)

I have a large acrylic container to store my makeup as I frequently have to move it from bedroom to bathroom! So the back section of the container is a large open area where I store the palettes I always use, my brushes pot and foundations.


There is two smaller long sections that I store pressed powders / bronzers, primers and setting sprays. The next section I keep single blushes and bronzers in, along with concealers, cream products and gel eyeliners. The next section has individual spaces for lipsticks and two larger spaces so I keep as many lipstick in the individual spaces and extras in one of the back sections. I do use one of the spaces for eyeliners and eyeshadow primer. The other back sections has mascara and my eyebrow products. I keep bits I don’t use very often in a separate draw rather than in this container.

I definitely feel like I need more storage space as it’s pretty crammed but thats how its currently all stored and it kind of works….sort of!

How do you guys store your makeup? We’d love to know what works for you!

Thanks for reading!

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