Manicure of the Week!

Hello lovely people!

So this week I’ve been wearing a very autumnal shade on my nails which I bought in an airport to cheer myself up and I love the colour and keep coming back to it.


I started off with taking off my old polish, pushing back my cuticles and shaping my nails. I then used Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener (which we know is my fave for basecoat!).

I then did two coats of the Collection Lasting Gel Nail Colour in ‘Daredevil 17’. Its the most perfect burgundy brown / red / orange tone for cooler months – I love it! Plus the formula is smooth and pigmented and the brush is a great shape to cover almost the whole nail in one sweep!

I then finished off with my topcoat, Essie Gel Setter, to give it a great shine and make it last all week!


Thanks for reading, I’d love to know any colour suggestions to have below!


the cake faces

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