We’re back!

Hello lovely people!

Its been so long and we’re very very sorry! Got an awesome plan for blogs this year so stay tuned as we blog our make-up-y way through 2017!

Hannah has been super-duper busy buying a house and doing it up room by room so she’ll still be taking a break from the blog but has promised a post each month if she can! A big house related blog post will be coming when she’s finished (or very nearly finished!).

Anyway thought I’d kick this off with what I got for Christmas (some are Birthday presents as my birthday is in early December), so keep reading on…

Zoeva Brush Set

These came in the most gorgeous rose gold bag and are the copper version – unbelievably pretty! They are possibly the softest brushes I own and I’ve had great fun trying them out so far!


Morphe 35T Palette

This is BEAUTIFUL! The shadows are creamy and blendable and pigmented and oh my goodness I’m going to need to buy one of the other palettes!


N07 Rose Gold Illuminated Mirror

This mirror is totally awesome – it spins 360 degrees, has a normal side and a magnified side and both have a dim-able light all the way around. Massive thumbs up from me!


NYX Butt Naked Palette

I got bought this for my birthday and had never seen it on an NYX stand. The shadows are soft and blend-able, however some of them don’t have an amazing colour pay off. I’m going to keep experimenting and testing these! There are some really pretty highlight shades in this palette as well.


Aldo Earrings

I had to put these in as they are just so pretty! Wearable for everyday and such beautiful colours.



Nails Inc Polish Set

The purple colour is really rich and moody and I love it. The rose colour is the perfect replacement for my now gloopy American Apparel nail polish in almost the exact same shade. I’ve recently used the Khaki for a manicure so keep your eyes peeled for the post! The formula of these seems to be really smooth and pigmented – I’ve enjoyed using these but will keep testing!



Dune Shoes

I adore these shoes! They are so comfy and they go with so much. I love the fact their slightly pointed as well – extra boyfriend points for these beauties!!



Fossil Watch

This has become my go-to watch. Its so lovely, goes with everything and comes in a beautiful tin! Its a gold casing with a dark grey strap and its just so pretty I love it! They do this same watch in several different colour combinations too!


So there you have it, first post of 2017 – officially back! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading, please share any post ideas you want to see in the comments below!

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