Product Empties

Hey lovely people,

So I’ve been saving up my empties over the last couple of weeks / months and thought I’d go through them with you. One of my favourite things to watch on Youtube is other peoples empties and what they thought of the product!


Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

I actually love this concealer – its lightweight, creamy and very easily blendable. However the best thing is that the lightest shade (I use extra fair) is light enough and not orange / yellow toned. It lasts quite a while, about 3 to 4 months with using product almost everyday and the applicator brush didn’t deteriorate. I’ve already bought another so I would definitely recommend!


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation


I wasn’t as fond of this come the end of the bottle. I found it got more orange / oxidised the further down the bottle I got so ended up mixing it with some concealer and another lighter foundation. The formula is nice and it builds to a lovely creamy dewy finish, however I do get shiny after a full day in this – definitely needs a setting powder over this one! Its a shame they don’t have a few more shades as I probably would buy this again.


Chanel Le Volume Ultra Noir De Chanel

This is very lovely. I really didn’t want to come to the end of this! Its definitely another that changes slightly the further down the bottle you get though. The product gets thicker, although not clumpy. I am really not a fan of spiky comb like brushes but this one is good and its been useful to comb out my lashes using other mascaras with this brush when I had finished the product. I would absolutely love to have another of these in my collection!


Revlon Brow Fantasy

This was awesome but also a little disappointing. I stumbled across this when I went away for a weekend and forgot to pack my eyebrow pencil (nightmare I know!). The gel is amazing and I will now be adding a gel to my brow routine. However the gel ran out quite quickly in comparison to the pencil. The pencil is lovely and soft, but this does mean it needs sharpening quite regularly. However I hit a problem once the pencil got to a certain level I couldn’t get my sharpener around it properly due to the packaging which was frustrating.


Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water


I’ve now had about 4 bottles of Garnier Micellar water and love it! It takes make-up off easily and gently. The oil infused version is really lovely for when my skin is dry (which is most of the time) and because I use it regularly I think is helping prevent my skin becoming very dry. Its really nice how you shake the oil and water together to then use. I will probably swap back to the normal one just for a change but I love them both!


Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer

This smells so incredible – its definitely the best smelling primer I’ve used! However I was quite disappointed in the product. I don’t think it made my make-up last any longer, it didn’t give me any radiance or dewy finish so didn’t live up to its name in my mind. It was quite hydrating but I don’t feel like it lasted very long, like it didn’t sink into my skin the way a moisturiser would. Just not overly impressed with this one and I wouldn’t recommend.


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading! I would love to hear if you’ve tried any of these and your thoughts on them!

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