New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

Hello lovely people!

Another day, another blog post, another honest review!

If you haven’t seen my New Year New Buys blog post (check it out here) I mentioned the New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick. I gave a quick first thoughts review but wanted to carry on testing it to give a full opinion on it, so if you’re interested keep reading below.


I absolutely love the colour of this lipstick. I bought it in the shade ‘Raspberry’ which is a deep, moody, vampy rich pink / red shade. It is gorgeous. I was so exited to try this out as I am definitely still in love with matte lipsticks. I also think the packaging is really lovely and looks much more high end that it was – coming in at a brilliant £5.99!


The first time I used this I did so as I would any other liquid lipstick – I just applied it straight on without any primer or liner. I noticed it went on smoothly and evenly with great pigmentation – so far very impressed, good job New Look!

The wand is also good, it doesn’t wobble or bend and is nice and soft so you can apply with precision. I do find the wand holds quite a lot of product so you need to wipe some off on the edge of the bottle!


However, after a couple of hours of wearing I noticed the lipstick had started to bleed. I wiped away product that had slipped / bled slightly and touched up as the product had disappeared a little from the centre of my lips. I had eaten and drunk in this lipstick so wasn’t bothered by a little touch up but was by it spreading off my lips and all round my face! Photo below was about four hours after applying.


I have also tried applying the lipstick with the New Look Prime & Fix that I bought at the same time to see if this held the product on a little better. I didn’t find that this did too much to stop it spreading and in fact stopped the lipstick drying / setting so it just came off much quicker. I have had much better results with the primer on ‘normal’ lipsticks (e.g. satin finish). The primer balm did make my lips feel lovely and moisturised though!

I decided I needed to test out the lipstick with several different products to see if I could make it last longer and stop it bleeding.

The first thing I tried was using a lipliner. I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses liner in 004 India Pink and simply lined the edges of my lips and then swept on the liquid lipstick after. As my Rimmel liner isn’t a great match for the colour of the New Look lipstick I had to ensure that I covered the liner. I think the lipliner stopped the lipstick bleeding a little but it didn’t do the best job. Photo below was about four / five hours after applying.


I treated myself to  new lipliner that matched the lipstick to see if this worked better as I wouldn’t need to cover it as much. I bought the Sleek Makeup Eau La La Liner in Venom 295 which was a much better match. I’m really impressed with this liner – think a review of this may be needed!

I tested it out again and found that it kept the lipstick on much much better and I didn’t have a problem with the lipstick bleeding half as much, definitely a much better result. Photo below was about four hours after applying.


The final trick I tried was using the NYX WonderLiner as its nude I can use this round the outside of my lips before applying the lipstick to try and stop the product moving anywhere. I found that it was great to start with but didn’t completely stop the lipstick moving / bleeding. I think this was due to me blending the pencil so it wasn’t a visible line around my lips. Photo below was about an hour after applying.


My overall thoughts on the New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick are that the colour is fantastic, its bold and pigmented and really really lovely. The wand feels high quality and does allow a good application, however holds too much product which is a quite annoying.

The wear is good, it does require a touch up if you’re eating and drinking (but theres not that many lipsticks out there that don’t!). The lipstick does bleed which I haven’t had with other dark lipsticks (matte or otherwise) before, however this can be massively helped with a liner.

I personally think the best result was the Sleek Eau La La Liner, it glided on smoothly, was a good colour match and helped keep the product where it should be! I am thinking next time I wear this colour I will used the NYX pencil along with the Sleek Liner just to make double sure the lipstick stays neat.


If you’ve tried this lipstick please let me know – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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