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Hi there lovely people, thank you for stopping by Cake Faces! My sister and I set up this blog to talk about our two favourtite topics – beauty and baking!! Or as Hannah likes to put it…what we put on and in our faces!!

I love love loveeeee playing around with make-up and nail polish! I’ve have a slight obsession with nail polishes and false nails since I was very little and this obsession has grown with me and now encompasses all types of make-up as well. Like Hannah, I enjoy a good YouTube tutorial and am in no way qualified as a make-up artist (although maybe that’s a back-up plan if its ever needed!!). I just like experimenting and trying new make-up. I am always learning and love new suggestions or recommendations!

I am also a big lover of Pinterest and use it as a massive source of inspiration for both beauty and design.

I am also a very keen baker, although not as talented as Hannah! I love baking cakes the most, but I love attempting macaroons, pies, and savoury dishes too!


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In all honesty I was a baker before a makeup junkie but Livvy’s sheer joy and dedication to slapping stuff on her face is infectious and it rubbed off on me (in a non-herpes kind of way).

I’ve been baking since I was a little girl as our mom is an amazing cook, like truly sensational I know everyone says that about their mothers cooking but growing up with my mom really taught me that you should never be scared to experiment in the kitchen and I have just grown from there. I would say my baking highlight was being asked to make a friends wedding cake, a true privilege and I hope I did them proud!

Makeup has become a true passion of mine, I’m incredibly particular with what I will put on my face. You only get one after all and I want to stay moderately wrinkle free for as long as possible! I’m still learning everyday tips and tricks about the best way to apply and perfect my makeup. I love a youtube makeup channel! I’m definitely not a trained makeup artist so anything posted on here is just my opinion of what I do and don’t like. Everyone’s faces are different and we all have preferences over what we like, it’d be kinda boring otherwise!


To discuss business opportunities, please contact us by email at t.cakefaces@gmail.com
*Only serious, business-related inquiries will be read and answered.

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