Lean In 15 Review


Hello lovely people!

I’ve been using the Lean in 15 book by Joe Wicks and thought I would share my thoughts on it. I bought the book back in February sometime and have made quite a few recipes from it so far.

First off the idea is quite simple; eat a meal with carbohydrates in it after you’ve exercised. If you haven’t done exercise eat a reduced carbohydrate / carb free meal. So I’ve been trying to do a HIIT workout about four times a week (sometimes its been considerably less!) and then on those days eating a carb meal afterwards, I usually exercise in the morning so I have overnight oats or a bagel for breakfast. I don’t always stick to eating carbs straight after a workout because it’s nice to have them for dinner instead sometimes!

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Cake extravaganza! 

Hey lovely people,

So over the past weeks I’ve done quite a lot of baking as there have been two birthdays, a hen do and a last minute wedding cake/cupcakes!

So our parents birthdays are both at the end of April and of course birthday equals cake! I made my mum caramel cupcakes with almond brittle on top and my dad a sticky ginger cake.

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