London Buys!

Hi lovely people!

We’re back again this week…lucky you! 😉

While we were in London on the Sunday during the day Liv, myself and our sister went to Westfield and had a girly day shopping and lunching! So of course we bought more makeup as we clearly running out!

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Ooh New Makeup!!

Hello lovely people!

So Hannah has shared the make-up bits she’s bought recently so I would love to share with you what I’ve bits I’ve bought and what I thought of them!

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Christmas Make-up Review Round #2

Hello you lovely people!

As Hannah said in her previous post we’ve been very busy hoarding make-up and it seems like only a moment ago it was Christmas! So now Hannah has reviewed her bits it’s my turn! I was very fortunate to receive some really gorgeous make-up / beauty bits this Christmas and have been trying them out over the past couple of months. So read below for my thoughts on them!

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