Eyeshadow Winners!

Hey lovely people,

Firstly, we’re so sorry we didn’t post anything on Wednesday it’s been a pretty crazy week but we’re back now!!

So today is all about my fave eyeshadow palettes and pans! I’ve picked two stand out eyeshadow things that I love, adore and use all the time.

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Artis Brush Dupe?!

Hello lovely people!

Recently I have been looking at the Artis brushes – who hasn’t theres so much hype?! However, they are pretty pricey and the one I would want to buy is the Oval 7 brush, this retails at about £48! I did however read an amazing blog post from Thout Shall Not Covet blog comparing the Artis brush with an eBay dupe. I decided to purchase an eBay dupe which set me back only £2.89, an absolute bargain compared to the £48 for the proper brush!

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